I have failed you again, dear readers. In my determination to locate, stuff, and bake squash blossoms I have come up empty handed. The nice manager at Iovine’s has informed me that they may have them tomorrow, but I won’t know until after 10 AM and I haven’t had the time to shop for the chicken cacciatore ingredients. I am aiming for Friday, but we’ll just have to see. Worst case scenario I’ll cave and bake some cookies.

This blog has been a trial run for me in many ways. I’ve always wanted to start some sort of cooking blog but was never sure what direction to take it in. I didn’t want to just cook dinner, snap some photos, and slap the recipe up on the internet willy-nilly but I also didn’t have any particularly interesting ideas outside of that.

I like the idea of trying a new recipe a week, but I want to feel like I’m working towards a goal. I’m never going to cook my way through The Joy of Cooking, nor do I want to (that blender borscht just does not appeal to me), but I still want to explore it. So, I’m trying to work this out in my head. Recipe tests are fun, but with my current limitations in my kitchen, budget, etc. it will be difficult for me to adhere perfectly every time. Also my personal goal is to master a few really great recipes to just have in my arsenal whenever I need to make something.

I think what I want to do is try to determine the best ________ recipe there is. The best chicken marsala, the best lamb rogan josh, the best lemon tart. I don’t want to limit myself to cookbooks, and I want to be able to experiment with my own adjustments if I feel like it’s needed.

Now I just need a name for the new blog, a little big of layout planning, and I’ll move everything over to my server.

…But a name, whatever will I do about a name?


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