On Italian food, finals, and moving

No one likes summer quarter, especially when you’re old enough to have a graduate degree. This past week has been borderline intolerable for me. My lease is almost up, finals are approaching, I have freelance projects constantly tapping me on the shoulder and I have to force myself to try a new recipe while if left to my own devices I would just order in.

But, no! Not this time. This time will be different. This time I will forgo Indian takeout and cook a feast. Against my better judgement.

Tomato season has me inspired to stick with Italian. As you may have gathered from my past recipe tests I try not to eat a lot of pasta, not because I don’t love it because I love it far too much, so I’m branching out further than I anticipated.  Which I’m quite excited about! And I would have lovely blog post with gorgeous photos for you today had I had time to run to Reading Terminal this weekend to gather ingredients, but alas, I have not had the time.

So what’ the plan for this week? Two dishes: chicken cacciatore (433) and squash blossoms stuffed with cheese and herbs (309). I’ll make them together but will publish the recipes different weeks in order to free up some more time for writing papers and studying. Please forgive me, I am but a multi-tasking college student.

I’ll head to the Reading Terminal tomorrow and scoop up some squash blossoms from Iovine Bros., herbs from OK Lee, and mushrooms from whoever has them the cheapest. I don’t remember how much the squash blossoms at Iovine are, but if they’re pricey I’ll just cut the recipe in half. I’m only feeding two people anyway. I’m quite excited, though. I’ve always seen the squash blossoms at Iovine and wished I had a use for them, if this recipe works out I’ll have a great appetizer for entertaining.

As for the chicken cacciatore, not only have I never made it but I’ve never eaten it. I’m partial to chicken Marsala which seems to be less intensive. The recipe sounds delicious though and I’m always looking for new ways to serve chicken.

See you all Friday, squash blossoms abound.


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