On shopping at the bodega and inspirational blog comments

Well, dear readers, it would seem that I received some fairly interesting feedback on my last recipe test. Although its legitimacy is still unconfirmed, it appears that John Becker of the Joy of Cooking family commented on my last post suggesting I try roasting up some tomatoes and garlic in place of a sauce for the Italian meatballs. Needless to say, this week’s project has been decided upon.

In other news, I’m now on Twitter! @CBTestKitchen. Tweet me some suggestions for recipe tests.

Our second order of business, bodega groceries. Now, corner stores aren’t exactly renowned for their fantastic produce quality but I am hear to preach the positives of doing at least some of your shopping at your local bodega assuming you live a stone’s throw like I do.

Up at the corner of 12th and Spring Garden is a little Mexican convenience store without a name. It’s about three blocks from my apartment, it’s open pretty late, and the prices are unreal. I love shopping there, but only for specific items. Namely things that I am going to use immediately and/or want to be ripe. For example, I don’t buy avocados anywhere else. $1 a piece and they’re always ready to use. The same goes for bananas, mango, and peaches, and if they go bad before I get to use them I can simply peel them and throw them in the freezer for smoothie ingredients. Seriously, every time I shop there I feel like I just robbed them blind.

Today’s bodega haul

This was $10. A dozen eggs, three avocados, two peaches, five bananas, garlic, a mango and nine tomatoes. True, I need to use most of it in the next few days (save for the eggs, they’re good for a few weeks) lest it start to go bad. But to be honest I find that the things I buy from the bodega going bad less often than when I buy grocery store produce, probably because I tend to stock up more when I go elsewhere.

The selection at the bodega is limited and they’re frequently out, but the prices are so low and the location is so convenient that it’s worth digging through bruised fruits and overripe veggies when my crisper drawer is running low.

Plus, where else can I get last minute guacamole supplies for under $5?


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