The Challenge

Today I challenge myself. Well, not today exactly. Later this week. Probably more like Sunday.

I challenge myself to teach myself to cook. Classic American, Italian, Indian, Asian, I want to attempt to master my favorite dishes and get myself back in the habit of cooking on a regular basis. There are a few problems:

1. I live alone and leftovers feel like a burden to me.
2. I’m a writer, i.e. I am constantly broke.
and 3. I have no oven and my electric range is a joke.

But I’m going to try. I’m going to crack open my favorite cook books and my grandmother’s recipe cards and practice until I have it right. Probably force-feed some friends along the way.

Some recipes I will follow verbatim, others I may alter due to my access to certain ingredients, budget, or taste.

I want to keep the rules of this challenge to myself open ended so I have the ability to explore and experiment as much as possible without worrying about limiting myself.

My first cookbook selection will be from the classic Joy of Cooking. My first endeavor? The perfect meatball.

Stay tuned.


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